8 Feb 2019

Barbara Beller, Management Consultant, Ironman, Plant-Powered Human Being


Barbara Beller has been an international management consultant for many years, she’s a multiple Ironman athlete, and now has been 16 months on a plant-based diet. (She’s also my wife of 23 years!)

Some of the topics we covered in this podcast:

– how we met (and almost didn’t meet!)
– how her dad gave her early life business lessons (hint: think door to door sales)
– her typical day incorporating training and working
– examples of the RHB gears in the corporate world
– how the whole food plant-based diet is working out
– strategies she uses when training or on race day
– her biggest challenge

This podcast is a must-listen for anyone who wants to understand the mindset of a goal-driven human being!

Happy listening!


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  • Posted on Feb 8 2019 By

    Hi Dave,
    Enjoyed listening to the interview with Barbara. Well done! One suggestion for improvement. When you were doing your intro the background music was a distraction and stayed on far too long. After the first few seconds I think it took away value rather than adding.

    Looking forward to the next one! Can I find you using my podcast app on my phone?

    Love to you both, – Marty

  • Posted on Feb 8 2019 By

    Hey Marty,

    Thanks for the tips. Yes, you can find the podcast on Podbean or Spotify. It shortly will be available on iTunes in a week or two! Cheers, Dave