24 Jul 2019

Mike Learn, IT Developer, Stroke Survivor, Go-To-Guy and Human Being

Mike Learn is an individual who always impresses me with his thoughtful and well-balanced comments on the Real Human Being Lifestyle Group.

Here’s a preview of some of his insights:

“I got my current job because I used some RHB [in my job interview]”

“I was once told that the best thing in life is to be diagnosed with something and then manage the disease.”

“Once in a while online I run into someone who is very generous they say something like, ‘this is a wonderful thing for you to ask Mike, and you’re wrong and this is why’ and I love that.”

“In a bar, you can’t have a political conversation for an hour without some rules, some candor and some acceptance of a different viewpoint. Otherwise you just have a spat. I think we’ve lost that… we hit spat too quick.”

“I have this woman working with me she’s from Egypt she is the smartest person in the room but she is also the quietest person in the room.”

“In my industry you get highly paid older people…and they’re very good. But I’ve been getting some great things going with younger people the ones who usually don’t talk and I get them to talk and I learn some amazing things.”



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