Paramedic Chiefs use RHB to Shift Gears

Paramedic Chiefs were polled after a keynote by Dave Howlett


NAV CANADA results Dave HowlettNAV CANADA was seeking a speaker to help staff become more self-aware of their interactions and behaviors and to increase employee engagement. Dave customized his presentation to reflect our goals and was very effective in the manner he was able to communicate with our staff.

90% of our employees ranked it as one of the top three presentations they had ever seen and 92% agreed that employees shifting to 3rd gear behavior would improve the effectiveness of our organization. I would recommend Dave Howlett to anyone who is seeking to both inspire and influence their employees.”  – Sandy Struthers EVP Finance

RHB SCORES TOP MARKS AT Rogers Communications

“We poll our people every year on the quality of the speaker. The 2015 top speaker earned a 8.2, Dave came in at a 9.1. Leadership and culture can be a dry topic. Any company or association who wants an entertaining and humorous speaker who creates behavior change should consider hiring Dave Howlett.” – Ron Rout  SVP Operations


“Canada’s capital city has a workforce of over 17,000 people, representing a wide variety of skills and responsibilities. As City Manager, my vision is to develop a one city/one team culture of servant leadership. We hired Dave Howlett to deliver a series of keynotes and workshops for leaders and employees. His powerful 3-gear method reinforced a servant leader mindset that was well received.

Steve Kanellokos   City Manager