1 Jun 2020

Anna Julia Sirghiuta, Aviation Mentor, Confidence Booster and Human Being

Many parents want their kids to grow up to be confident and self-assured individuals who aren’t afraid to take some risks. But how do you teach someone to be confident?

Anna Julia is a Customer Experience Specialist at PortsToronto -Billy Bishop Airport. As a 20-something, she works in an industry dominated by older men and has learned some simple but powerful techniques to help her fulfill her aspirations.

We discuss:

– how Anna Julia’s upbringing gave her some perspective
– her radical career switch
– what it’s like being the minority in a class of men
– how to put on a game face
– her simple technique to develop self-confidence

From the podcast:

“Trust and confidence come from within. It’s just those little habits you give yourself, holding yourself accountable, then doing it. Then you can say, ‘yeah, I’ve done this before, and I can do it again.”

“I don’t think how people treat you is personal to who you are, you just need to learn how to be vulnerable and courageous

“I didn’t realize how much more there was to aviation than just pilots and flight attendants.”

“I just had to take a leap and trust my inner voice. So I contacted Georgian College and applied, even though the program had started a month before.”

“For young girls, there’s a voice inside of you. But often it silenced by society. If you start listening to that little voice, it starts getting louder, and that’s where trust and confidence in yourself comes from.”

“You have to get clear of who you want to be. At the end of the day, you shouldn’t try to be someone else, but rather the best version of yourself.”

“I’m a little hard of myself because I feel I always have to doing something. One quote that’s helped me is, ‘nothing in nature blooms all year round.’”

“What was interesting when I started my aviation management degree was not being taken seriously. Georgian Skies started because I wanted to make a difference for women. It’s less about women in aviation and more about equality in aviation.”

“I’m going to be hired because who I am as a person, not because I’m a woman. We’re all equal, we’re all human beings. I can do amazing things because who I am as a person.”

“I work with a very male dominated office, but they have been  nothing but supportive since day one.”

Exactly where I am is where I wanted to be two years ago.”

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