28 Nov 2019

Angelee Brown, Franchise Expert, Plant-based transformation, Military supporter and Human Being


Part of the RHB code is ‘have passion for what you do.’

Angelee Brown tells me how her passion for plant based foods derived from her personal lifestyle transformation (she lost over 100 pounds by changing her nutrition.)

This made her determined to become head of North American Franchising for Copper Branch, the world’s largest 100% plant based restaurant franchise.

On being a young wife: “My mother-in-law was Italian.”

On growing up: “My dad was head of sales for a major chocolate company. I was the most popular kid on the block.”

On changes: “I have struggled with my weight for my entire life.  By age 35, I was my heaviest. I had no energy and I felt like my body had betrayed me.”

On diets versus lifestyle: “Because I look at this as a lifestyle, I no longer track my calories or my weight like I did in the past. And I don’t feel the anxiety now that I’m eating plant based foods.””

On fast food: “Fast food can be healthy and beautiful and delicious and good for you. It doesn’t have to be laden with calories and fat.”

One wish: “I wish I could go back and scold the old me. I wish I could have made these changes 15 years ago.”

On the military: “I have a lot of respect for people who serve their country, both those in uniform and their families.”

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