About Us

Our History
Real Human Being evolved from the Real Human Being (RHB) philosophy, our personal long-term approach to health, well-being and happiness, and the countless requests we have received asking us to share our inspiring experiences and ‘secrets’ for a healthy, fulfilled life.

We wanted a place to organize health, fitness and nutrition recommendations, work and relationship insights, and travel experiences for our friends, as well as a place to get our own questions about health, fitness, and mind answered.

We provide content, resources and perspectives for people to become the best possible version of themselves for the long-term. This truly is a passion of ours, and we apply the lifestyle every day in our approach to health, fitness, nutrition, and personal/professional relationships. It has made us kinder, smarter and stronger individually and as a couple, and we know a lot of people are hoping to find that for themselves, their relationships and their careers if they can.

It will always be a place to introduce fascinating experts who have inspired and mentored us and others throughout our lives, and a trusted place where readers can find suggestions and share opinions about how and where to move, eat, learn and play from a place that embraces the Real Human Being philosophy and the practice of aspiring to 3rd Gear behavior.

Our Mission
To inspire and inform human beings with a hunger to become better for the long-term, in the areas of health, fitness, relationships, and travel. By providing modern and relevant content, we guide you on a rewarding journey of self-awareness to become the best possible version of you.

Our Vision
To be the most-trusted source of content and perspectives for passionate people who desire to become the very best version of themselves long-term.

Our Values
Our core values of open-mindedness, self-awareness, integrity, passion, pursuit of excellence, and fun are our foundation and aligned with our vision.

We believe that little things count, that the body, mind and spirit are linked, that good food is the foundation of love and wellness, and that we have the ability to control our health and happiness more than we currently understand. We align our words to our actions. We take a curious, open-minded, and service-centric approach to the things we do. We are open to hearing differing opinions, perspectives, and ideas. We will never recommend something that we don’t believe in, love, and think worthy of your time and money.

Life is about experiences and we all want more of them. We know when we prioritize our well-being, everything from our decision-making to our productivity improves dramatically. Real Human Being is committed to accelerating the gear shift in attitudes and actions that allows people to become their best self throughout their lifetime.

Our Core Components:


We approach wellness, fitness and nutrition with an open-minded, long-term, and flexible view, knowing one size does not fit all. Through the years we have explored different options and evolved our approaches as we continue to learn and grow every day. We want to get our own questions answered, with the idea that many other readers share the same questions. We believe to improve the quality and longevity of our lives, we will need a proactive and preventative approach to our health and therefore be more likely to seek new fitness, nutrition and wellness services and products than can help us do so. The health and wellness industry is huge and often overwhelming. We will navigate for you and share what we love, looking for the best products and services that can fit around different lifestyles.

We believe that good, whole plant-based food is the foundation of health and performance, and that the best moments in every culture happen around food. Current scientific knowledge indicates a whole plant-based diet is key to maintaining a healthy heart and mind. While our recipes are focused on using clean (non-processed), whole food ingredients, they are first and foremost delicious and nourishing, whether for every day, fueling for long-term health, peak performance or everything in between. We make them easy and accessible to even the most beginner or busiest, as they require minimal prep and shopping, and they appeal to everyone.


Many of us are challenged by emotions based on ‘the self’ such as anger, envy, insecurity, apathy and cynicism. This self can also extend to group-identity and so we see silos and echo-chambers created around politics, religion, class, nationality and ethnicity. Part of the Real Human Being mission is to help individuals rise above First Gear narrow self-interest and create Third Gear bridging-social capital.

When you divorce politics from policy, there are many issues that affect groups at risk. We seek to help people shift gears past their own personal agenda and look towards the needs of human society and the planet. When someone acts in 2nd gear, it’s business. When someone acts in 3rd gear, that’s kindness. Real Human Being helps us gain self-awareness so we can make decisions based on current knowledge and employing 3rd gear empathy.

Part of the Real Human Being mission is to help people rise above First Gear narrow self-interest and create Third Gear social capital. To that end, we will share examples of ordinary people and celebrities who exhibit “do the right thing” behavior, review books and articles that reinforce RHB values, and explore ways to learn and give back to society.


We believe that the expression ‘work/life balance’ is overused, usually misunderstood and has overwhelmed people in their quest to gain something that really doesn’t exist, so impossible to achieve. Our lifework section reflects how we spend our days, redefining what it means to balance priorities and trade-offs, including managing our daily physical, emotional, mandatory and discretionary obligations. We will share advice from individuals in a variety of fields, provide guidance on navigating challenging work situations, recommendations for managing money and investments, as well as in-depth views on career, relationships and parenthood which is what consumes the majority of our physical and emotional energy…all through the lens of the Real Human Being philosophy.


Time and resources are precious and we never seem to have enough of either. So, we understand how important it is to get the most out of every travel opportunity and experience, whether for vacation or work. We will share the best experiences, meals and shops that allow you to get the best out of every travel adventure whether it’s a vacation, event/race, discovering great restaurants, or a quick bite on the run. We also share tips and services for maximizing your days for vacation or work. And because packing is a true art form, we offer packing advice, everything from how to stretch a small carry-on worth of essentials into a week’s worth of outfits, to how to pack for an athletic event or variety of experiences.

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