1 Aug 2019

Aastha Sahni, BD Lead, Mental Health Advocate, Fur Parent and Human Being

If you want to be inspired by an intelligent and passionate person, then listen to my guest Aastha Sahni. Born in Delhi, India, at age 6 her family moved to Kuwait. She came to Canada to attend university. Now a Canadian citizen, she’s helping to grow Advica Health.

What’s it like to be a woman with Canadian citizenship and still relating to her South Asian culture? I call her the RHB citizen of the world!

Here are some of her insights:

“Where are you from? It’s definitely a hard question to answer.”

“95% of people I’ve met [in the work world] are amazing and know how to play on the strengths of Millennials.”

“Our company maintains a start-up culture to ensure team engagement… so we can all work towards bringing change to the healthcare system and it’s delivery in Canada where their people have better access as well as suitable options available to them”

“In the South Asian culture, mental illness is not spoken about openly. My father has a mental illness and also my parents separated in Kuwait. When I came to Canada, I didn’t feel prejudged by people who immediately wanted to know my parent’s situation.”

“Everyone’s social media profile is really their highlight reel and it takes courage to come out with genuine emotion.”

“My dog has changed two things for me. She allows me to stay in the moment and she provides unconditional love.”

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