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The Real Human Being Philosophy

The Real Human Being philosophy was developed by Dave twelve years ago and he has been teaching it to people worldwide through speaking, seminars, books and TedX presentations. The Real Human Being philosophy is a simple and powerful methodology that drives self-awareness and personal accountability. The RHB gears allow people to assess their intentions: 1st gear (narrow self-interest), 2nd gear (extrinsic rewards) or 3rd gear (intrinsic reward.)

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Uncover The Best Version Of You For Life

Real Human Being evolved from the Real Human Being (RHB) philosophy, our personal long-term approach to health, well-being and happiness, and the countless requests we have received asking us to share our inspiring experiences and ‘secrets’ for a healthy, fulfilled life.
We are building a community of human beings on the same journey to become kinder, smarter, and stronger.


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Connect Like a Real Human Being

The Real Human Being model creates a simple, memorable and - most importantly - non-confrontational language for examining our behaviors and those of others, and getting people to connect, collaborate and create value for the organization, its customers and stakeholders.